Origin Learning Fund

Blog 2

It was my pleasure to complete a task for the director Tania. I was asked to translate a passage and record an audio about the educational platform, O-lab. I was very excited but humbled to finish this assignment, because I know the significance of advertising such an amazing product. What good is it to keep it a secret? How can others take advantage from the information if it is not disclosed? I loved this project because O-lab is an exceptionally clever idea that I already wanted to broadcast all over the world. 

Please forgive me, but I marvel in simplicity. I feel like that is when you truly know you have a great concept; when it is simple and everyone can benefit from it. When you have that “aha moment;” like why didn’t someone think of this before? Duh, develop a personalized application for students, that is customizable for teachers and can be used without the internet! Need I say more?

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