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Blog 3

Not that I needed another reason to love the director Tania and her mission, but here is one more reason. Often times it is difficult to know one’s motives to perform an action i.e., doing something solely because it is the right thing to do. More specifically, discovering what was her driving force to found El Origen and what the program means to her. I recently read a very interesting article from the United Nations news website entitled “First Person: The Colombian youth fighting for digital education for all.” I love this title, particularly the part “education for all!” This journey for educational equality may have started in Colombia, but the destination is all over the world.  It is an inspirational and informative piece detailing the origin story of the superhero Tania, the accomplishments of her team thus far, and their future endeavors. I do not want to take away from the original article, that I indubitably encourage you to read, nor divulge too much information. So, I will put the link below: First Person: The Colombian youth fighting for digital education for all | | UN News.

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