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Drawings for education

we are a collective of artist around the world that  donate drawings for voulnerable programs  conecting the colors with the world.

For this campaign we need gifts of coloring pages, which we will use to obtain donations and bring access to inclusive digital education to more children and young people in Latin America and other places around the world. In return, the profile of the donor artists will appear on our page with the respective links to social networks or relevant internet pages. Please fill in all the details and answer all the questions for the promotion profile bio.

Donate a Drawing

Donor artists can draw inspiration from elements representative of La Guajira, Colombia or drawings may fall into the following categories: Mandalas, Animals, Patterns, Buildings, Nature, Landscapes For boys, For girls, For young adults

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Drawing examples.

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    $ 3'830,000 COP/Anual
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    $ 3'830,000 COP/Anual
    • 101-1000 Usuarios


    $ 3'830,000 COP/Anual
    • 1001-5000 Usuarios


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