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Terms and Conditions

O-lab is a platform and mobile application (collectively, the “Platforms”) containing online and offline training courses and programs created by public and private institutions for users of the O-lab mobile application. Fundación El Origen registered under NIT 900900464-0 in Bogotá – Colombia is the one who participates as a licensee of the O-lab app in Colombia.

These terms and conditions refer to the use of the platform & app (the “Platforms”) of courses and training programs, called “O-lab”. This is applicable on all its platforms; APP for Android operating systems, and web APP, as well as any functionality on the website: www.o-lab.app or any other service that may be provided to the user or educational institution and sponsor. These terms and conditions are considered accepted by the users of the Platforms, when registering and entering and in the case of not accepting them, they must stop being used immediately. FUNDACIÓN EL ORIGEN as its licensee, reserves the right to make changes to these terms and conditions that will take effect from the date of their publication. Use of these platforms will constitute acceptance of these changes.

1. Conditions of access and use FUNDACIÓN EL ORIGEN conditions the use of the services of the Platforms to the prior completion of forms and the corresponding payment for the provision of their services. The client guarantees the authenticity and timeliness of all the data that he communicates and will be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made.

2. About the information posted on these Platforms The content on this site is for educational purposes only. All the information deposited on these Platforms, as well as names, images, photos, etc. They are provided without any representation or endorsement and without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. In no case shall Fundación El Origen be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the Platforms, whether by action or omission. The following guidelines and policies are defined in order to improve the use and administration of the O-lab educational platforms.

3. Limited license to use Fundación El Origen authorizes the user / client / partner to access the Platforms for educational purposes. Any type of reproduction or modification of any content published on this site is prohibited, unless Fundación El Origen authorizes otherwise, expressly and in writing. Fundación El Origen reserves all rights that are not explicitly granted in this document.

4. Intellectual property The intellectual property of the development of the application and the service provided is exclusive to Fundación El Origen. This includes the entire software and its parts, as well as the brand, name, logo, and / or any of its components.

Copying and / or distribution of all or part of the software is prohibited without the written permission of the owner, even if the purpose of such copying is a non-profit activity. Fundación El Origen software is non-transferable under any title and under any modality.

Likewise, all the information made available, inserted, mentioned, used in the Platforms and their contents (texts, photographs, graphics, images, technology, software, links, contents, graphic design, source code, etc.), as well as The brands and other distinctive signs are the property of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION or of third parties that have authorized the Institution to use their intellectual property rights. The use of and access to the Platforms does not grant, grant, or transfer any type of right, license or authorization of use or disposition of intellectual property rights. Therefore, the total or partial reproduction of the contents protected by the intellectual property law, as well as the commercial use of the contents of the mobile application, its sale, distribution to third parties or its modification is prohibited. Any other use requires prior, written and explicit authorization from the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION, therefore, whenever the information related to it is used, the copyright granted by the Law must be protected. Any unauthorized use will constitute a violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use, and the current national and international regulations on Intellectual Property.

5. Consideration The entity that wishes to sponsor the access of the app to “Administrators” users, will pay the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION annually the consideration for the payment of its services: the amount, date of payment, method of payment and the Rights and obligations of the parties (the Company and the Foundation) will be subject to the specifications established in the Contract for the Provision of Services that is entered into with each specific entity, so in case of doubt, the specific contract should be consulted.

6. Use policies and restrictions for administrators and users Regarding the policies and restrictions for administrators and users, the following points defined in the migration requirements already known are considered: I. User policies and restrictions:

to. The use of the Platforms by anyone, attributes the quality of user and this implies adherence to the terms of use.

b. Through the Platforms, the user will have access to the platform and the use of educational content.

c. The user acknowledges that the use of the contents does not provide him with any property rights over them.

d . To access the contents of the Platforms, the user is obliged to enroll in the specified time and manner and to the current regulations of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION.

and. The administrator of the Platforms provides the user with a course code, these are unique data for each user. The user assumes the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality and the use of his user data and password provided. The user must not change the assigned passwords or user names for any reason.

F. It is the user’s responsibility to inform the administrator, in the event that he suspects that someone else is using his account to access the Platforms, a password or user change will be made.

g. The Platforms may only be used for academic and training purposes.

h. The user must report to the administrator any case in which he believes that copyright is being infringed, or violates intellectual property, as well as inappropriate material.

i. The user undertakes to use the content correctly and undertakes to respect all intellectual property rights over the content.

j. The content is intended only for the use of authorized users, therefore it is allowed to print and copy said content as long as it is for personal study and academic purposes.

k. To use the contents of the Platforms it is necessary for the user to provide certain personal data assigned in the Profile, FUNDACIÓN EL ORIGEN will not share any personal information that has been provided to third parties.

l. The platforms allow the development of content and establish exchange spaces such as task spaces, the student user is responsible for the material they use, as well as any act that occurs through the use of their user password.

m. The user must guarantee the following actions: i. Avoid publishing content that affects the image of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION and O-lab, as well as its members. ii. Do not publish political or religious propaganda. iii. Do not publish any link with an electronic address that affects the dignity of the educational community. iv. Ensure that the content, images, videos and links that you publish are as small as possible so that they do not affect the performance of the system. v. Avoid publishing content of which the author is not, or, where appropriate, define the corresponding references.

n. The user must check that the files he publishes are virus-free and comply with the aforementioned guidelines.

or. FUNDACIÓN EL ORIGEN reserves the right to review, remove, edit a material that a user has published without taking into account the above considerations, as well as temporarily or permanently suspend the responsible user.

p. The EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION is alien to external internet links and that can be accessed through the content on the Platforms.

q. The total or partial reproduction of the contents of this page, by any means or procedure, without the prior, express and written authorization of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION is prohibited. The images, text design, graphics, as well as the content presented on this page, are illustrative and informative and are the property of Fundación El Origen, acknowledging the intellectual authorship of the designers. Any form of unauthorized use will be prosecuted.

r. In users, the role assignment is established as follows:

    1. The administrator requires a superuser class on the O-lab platform and may have administrative privileges.

  2. The tutor only needs teacher privileges without editing permission except those that are authorized by the administrator.

  3. The student only requires learner privileges. 4. The superuser has all administrative privileges.

7. Access and navigation in the application By making use of the Platforms, the User undertakes to act lawfully and diligently and undertakes not to carry out any of the activities described below:

1. Reproducing, copying, distributing, modifying, selling, licensing, adapting, the content set forth herein, without the prior, express, written authorization of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION.

2. Reproduce, copy, distribute, modify, sell, license, adapt, any element, text, photograph or audiovisual material of the Platforms subject to intellectual property rights without the prior authorization of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION.

3. Violate, evade, manipulate in any way or by any procedure the technological security measures.

4. Use the contents of the Platforms for illegal purposes, contrary to these Terms and Conditions of Use, which violate the law. You do not need to ask for permission before providing a link to the resources on this course platform.

8. Security The only persons responsible for keeping safe and avoiding the use by third parties of the access passwords to the O-lab platforms are the users themselves, and in no case is the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION responsible. We advise you not to reveal any personal information about yourself or anyone else.

9. Breach of terms and conditions Any controversy or conduct of conduct prohibited by these terms and conditions and / or the general regulations of the EL ORIGEN FOUNDATION, will result in the immediate cancellation of the sanctioned user’s profile. Both normative documents will always be available and accessible to users on the home pages of the educational digital platforms they use.

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