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The origin of Miguel Alejandro foundation is found in one of the poorest areas of Colombia, El Choco. Different actors coexist in this region that make it very difficult for children and young people to access education, in fact, this is the region of the country where there are highest levels of multidimensional poverty.

However, in this region there are people who are hopeful and who against all odds creates progress.

In 2017 the Miguel Alejandro Foundation was born, it is named in honor of one of the young people who tried to improve Choco with the most courage, but who unfortunately died. Thus, about 90 people created this foundation to provide education, sports and training opportunities and support to everyone who in Choco has to face the problems of the absence of the State there.

Project: Quiero Estudiar Pacífico

In view of the scarce opportunities that children and young people have in Choco, the Manuel Alejandro Foundation and the Universidad de los Andes created a project together, through which scholarships are provided to young leaders so that they can go to Bogotá to study at this prestigious university.

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