Origin Learning Fund

Everyone has the right to access education, and you can help.

Vulnerable populations from rural areas around the globe are facing the most difficult learning challenges. You can help us reach at-risk students now.

Origin Learning Fund helps at-risk students in remote areas worldwide access technology and quality educational courses developed by global partner organizations.

Global Projects

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About Origin Learning Fund

We are a group of young people from the Americas committed to closing the educational gap for rural communities. We provide access to inclusive digital education to  at-risk populations living in rural areas of the world. ​


O-lab is a customizable app that serves as a virtual assistant for organizations, schools, and businesses to take their educational projects to rural areas worldwide that lack connectivity or have language barriers.

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Transparency and Efficacy​

Origin Learning Fund is a charity that facilitates access to education for rural populations and at-risk students worldwide.

We do so by making alliances with global organizations and obtaining donations to provide students with technology and resources to access training courses developed by our global partners.

We show all of our finances, so you know where your money is going. It is important to us that you know your contribution is spent to make a difference in  somebody’s life.

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Origin Learning Fund

Origin Learning fund is a charity that facilitates access to education for rural populations who have traditionally encountered a large gap in information technology and quality information.

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