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Let´s talk about illusion

One of the issues that is least addressed in #vulnerable communities is the absence of illusion and at El Origen we have come to conclude that this vital impulse is as necessary as food or clothing. Explanation: Part of the empowerment culture that El Origen promotes in the communities has an implicit objective, one that apparently does not have great value and that unfortunately has lost relevance in education, we speak nothing more and nothing less than illusion. Every day human beings wonder about the reason why they get out of bed, go to work or go to study, many times the answer is not clear, however we can say that there is a word big and strong enough as to encompass the reason why we do what we do, the illusion. Now, what does El Origen do to generate illusion in its beneficiaries? We could say that we do a lot. Digital tools, free access workshops and the notion that the world is much bigger than a community believes make any person turn on that creative light called illusion, therefore we are proud to make it more and more visible. the dreams of the people we help, so that both they and us and whoever sees this or helps us, also has illusion.

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